1930 Ford Model A Delux roadster

The year was 1926. Henry Ford’s “Tin Lizzie” was getting old. It had been produced since 1908.With his son Edsel pushing to move past the Model T and design and build a “new ford” the order was finally given on July 20th, 1926 to start work on a new ford, the “Model A” which became know as Henry’s Lady, A song was even written about the new Ford- “Henry made a lady out of Lizzie”
Today the Model A still retains a massive collector base, with parts being remade in the USA, and you can buy early nut and bolt off the shelf.
The example offered for sale is a 1930 Delux Roadster, larges The old girl is in excellent running condition, Once a Model A works its way into your heart and collection, you will never want to be without one!
Call for further details and an appointment to view.

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