1970 Mazda R100 rotary

All Mazda R100 begin with a serial number of M10A. They manufactured 96,811 units from 1968 – 1973. This specific Mazda R100 is number 40,464th unit manufactured. Most R100 were sold in Japan and Australia. The first registration was done by Mr. H.S. Wynne, on the 28th August 1970 who lived in 1/17 Westminster Avenue Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia. The first service (600miles) was done at James Mason Motors 786 Pittwater Road Brookvale, NSW Australia, on the 4th September 1970.

In 1971, a Mrs. Sheila Mary Dobbie, who resided in Brisbane, Australia bought it. In 1972 she immigrated to South Africa. When the vehicle arrived in Durban Harbour, the car could not be started, due to stuck apex seals. She sent the R100 to Hilltop Motors (Shell Station) in Berea Road between Essenwood Road and Musgrave Road, Durban. They then sent the R100 to Forsdick Motors who referred it to Basil Mclaren on 6 September 1972. Mrs Dobie did not want to carry the expense and offered the car for sale as is.  Mr. Basil McLaren, whom was the regional manager for Illings Mazda in Natal bought the car for his wife, Ann Mary Frankish McLaren, and repaired the motor, and was used daily until 1987.

It was then sold to Clive Baartman and then later sold to Mr. Gerry McLintock of Gauteng,  LKK337T.
In September 1989 Peanuts Fouché became the proud owner of the R100 with 78500 miles on the odometer. In 1992 the complete engine bay was resprayed and body panels touched. The original engine was overhauled, the gearbox oil seal and clutch was replaced and the differential oil seal and brakes were overhauled. Only the apex seals and springs had to be imported.

The car is used for shows and events, and has won numerous concours awards etc.

Can be viewed by appointment.

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