1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce

Further info regarding the rebuild on the GTV.
Body:- Completely stripped: – which includes – glass, trim, wiring & dashboard. All panels remove + door hinges repaired.Window winder cable mechanism on passenger side completely replaced.
Professional repaint carried out. Entire car sound proofed with professional sound proofing panels: – (floor, body & door panels) Dashboard – fully restored in Cape Town. All instruments in car working.
Entire roof lining re-done. All lights on car are original and in good condition
THE ENGINE & BODY NUMBERS MATCH – B0707 ! Mechanical Work done- Radiator cleaned
Engine re-done by Auto-Azzuri in Cape Town:-
Crankshaft machined with new bearings, Complete piston & sleeve kit fitted
New water pump + Oil pump fittedNew Chains fitted
Cylinder head fully machined Complete new clutch kit fitted.
Gearbox checked + in extremely good condition
Rear Mounting & seals replaced
Brakes:- Both brake booster overhauled by Auto Azzuri In Cape Town which includes:- re-sleeving, replating + full overhaul kits.
New–old stock header-pipes fitted.
Stainless steel exhaust fitted.
Wheels:-New Tyres fitted to set of 5x MOMO mags.
Set of Standard rims will be supplied .

The car drives like a bomb!, steers straight and not a rattle!
Get down, and relive the 1970’s!

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