1969 Lancia Fulvia Zagato 1.3. — For Sale.

Lancia first introduced the Fulvia name (borrowed from Via Fulvia, the Roman-built road between Tortona and Torino) as a four-door saloon (Berlina) model at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show. Two years later, the Italian firm released a coupé offering that became a hit not only for its stylish Piero Castagnero-designed aesthetics but also its success on the world rally stage – the highlight was scooping the 1972 International Championship for Manufacturers.

But there was a third, even more beautiful Fulvia model launched in 1965 and sold through to ’72: the Sport. This diminutive GT was penned by Ercole Spada and built on the Fulvia coupé underpinnings by the famed coachbuilder Zagato with the brief to deliver a more aerodynamic and sporting package.

The Sport first appeared at the 1965 Turin Motor Show and featured an all-aluminium body shell, wood-trimmed dashboard, a pair of bucket seats from the Zagato and a 1.2-litre V4 engine. With just 202 of these manufactured, the Sport was then upgraded to a 1.3-litre and gradually the body evolved from full aluminium to steel but retained the aluminium doors, bonnet and rear hatch. The bonnet was hinged to the right-hand side, the rear hatch could be lifted a few centimetres and the spare wheel was accessed by rotating the rear number plate panel. 

In 1970, the Series II 1.3S was introduced with changes such as a five-speed gearbox, reworked suspension geometry and 2+2 seating. Early cars kept the aluminium bolt-on items, side-hinged bonnet and the spare wheel hatch, but these were soon sidelined in favour of steel panels, a more traditional hinge system and removal of the spare wheel hatch.
This early 1.3S is one of only a handful of Zagato-bodied Fulvias in South Africa and makes for a brilliant entry into stylish, coach-built Italian sports touring. – With thanks to @Off_Camberza

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