1963 Lancia Flaminia

The Flaminia Coupé was introduced at the Turin Motor show in 1958, nearly two years after the saloon. The styling was based on the Aurelia Florida designed by Battista Pininfarina and considered by many to be his most influential design, it was also his personal favourite and he drove one for the rest of his life.

Flaminias initially had a single ‘carburettored’ much modified version of the Aurelia all alloy V6, initially with drum brakes but disc brakes replaced the drums early on. Triple carburettors replaced the single in 1962 and the Flaminia became the Flaminia 3B,

The power went from 119 to 150hp, in 1963 the engine was enlarged to 2.8. The suspension consists of unequal length double wishbones with coil springs at the front and a De Dion axle at the rear, based on the all-conquering D50, this combined with 50/50 weight distribution due to having the engine at the front and gearbox and differential (transaxle) at the rear, made for excellent handling with light and direct steering.

The above makes the car a fantastic tourer as it has been updated to three double barrel Webber’s, (as in the GT version) and the current owner has used the car for many long distance events and tours. He has owned the car around 15 years, and in his ownership he restored the car, Koni shocks, clutch, Gearbox and brakes brakes overhauled etc. New rear wheel bearings, original RIV bearings which are now almost unobtainable,

The car is on the button and ready to enjoy.

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